Dive Spot in Morotai with the feel of World War II

Dive Spot in Morotai
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Dive Spot in Morotai – Tired of the ordinary underwater scenery? Try visiting Morotai in North Maluku. Because you will feel a gripping sensation, during diving the nuances of World War II.

Formerly this location has its own history with Japan. For lovers of underwater sports who are curious, try to note some of these diving spots, North Maluku, Indonesia.

Diving activities will be more exciting the more explored. Discover a new atmosphere with incredible underwater views. Moreover, Indonesia has a marine area that holds a million charms.

One of them is Morotai in North Maluku, this island is located at the northern tip of Halmahera Island. Here, spot diving allows divers to feel the sensation of World War II.

This is because Morotai was once used as one of the Japanese military headquarters. Moreover, there was a war between Japan and the allied forces of the United States and Australia.

So don’t be surprised if there are various carcasses from the war. This atmosphere is not only seen on the mainland, you can see it in several diving spots below.

25 Dive Spot in Morotai

Morotai Dive Point
Morotai Dive Point

For those of you who have a diving certificate, it is absolutely mandatory to dive on Morotai Island. With a rich underwater history destination, this area has 25 dive spots spread out.

One of the most famous diving spots is at Wawama Diving Center. Located off the coast of Wawama Village. There is the wreck of the Bristol Beuford plane belonging to Australia which is located at a depth of 40 meters.

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Then there is also a wreck of a tank that you can see. If you are not satisfied, you can also go to Mira waters. Here you will see a view of a coral reef full of submarines.

Then in the waters of Buho Buho will see fighter planes. Finally in the waters of Zum Zum will see the wreck of a Japanese submarine.

Dodola Island Dive Spot in Morotai

Dive Spot in Morotai with the feel of World War II
Dive Spot in Morotai with the feel of World War II

The island is divided into two parts, there are Big Dodola and Small Dodola. The two are connected to each other by the white sand that stretches out. If you look from above the two parts look like a bridge.

When the water is low, you can cross the two parts without using a boat. Meanwhile, if the water is high, you are not allowed to do any water activities because it can threaten safety.

Luckily again, Dodola Island is home to black fin sharks or blacktip reef sharks. You can find this type of shark at a depth of two to ten meters. But you have to be careful, because black fin sharks are marine animals that are protected because they are threatened with extinction.

Zum Zum Island Morotai

Finally, there is an island not so far from Morotai Island. You only need to cover a distance of seven kilometers. Then continue to take a speed boat with a travel time of 15 minutes. When you get there, you will see the McArthur monument on the beach. He is a famous general from the United States of America.

Underwater scenery can be enjoyed by snorkeling. Then you can also see black fin sharks while accompanied by a guide. So you can dive safely and comfortably.