Scuba Diving Gorontalo Whale Shark, Indonesia

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Scuba Diving Gorontalo Whale Shark

Fun Scuba Diving with Giant Whale Sharks, one of the best diving spots for Whale Shark Gorontalo, adding to the Indonesian tourism catalog, the presence of whale sharks in Gorontalo makes Indonesia a paradise for divers and underwater tourism lovers.

The presence of a herd of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in Gorontalo, precisely in the village of Botubarani for the first time in November 2016. The presence of this whale shark is a special gift from the authorities for Indonesian tourism, especially Gorontalo Province.

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Since the presence of whale sharks in Gorontalo, it has become a special attraction for local and foreign tourists. For those of you who need a reference for traveling with different nuances of dish, you can try to visit Gorontalo to enjoy amazing tours that you may have never met.

Getting to know the Gorontalo Whale Shark Scuba Diving

Scuba at Gorontalo Whale Shark
Scuba at Gorontalo Whale Shark (img via habacuan)

Whale Shark Gorontalo is located in the waters of Tomini Bay, this giant mammal has the Latin name (Rhincodon typus) or better known as the whale shark.

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These mammals are the smallest of 3.5 meters and the largest of 6 meters and are categorized as juvenile individual animals or the immature category.

This mammal has a favorite food, namely shrimp heads, this according to many is the cause of the arrival of this whale shark to the waters of Tomini Bay, because there is a factory with shrimp head waste.

Whale Shark Location Gorontalo

This whale shark tourist location is located in the tourist village of Botubarani, Kabila Bone district, Gorontalo Regency.

The location is not far from the city of Gorontalo, it can be reached by using local transportation such as bentor in approximately 30 minutes, or from the airport it takes 1.5 hours.

It’s quite easy, isn’t it, so you can stay at an inn or hotel in the city of Gorontalo.

Time to Visit Whale Shark Tour Gorontalo

Since appearing in 2016, mammals have been recorded to have repeatedly come to the waters of Tomini Bay, the last recorded in 2019.

The number of sharks is at least one and at most 4 and the average is male.

As a note for those of you who want to enjoy whale sharks, that this giant mammal can not always be found, so it’s not necessarily when you go to Gorontalo that you can immediately see whale sharks. However, according to records from 2016-2019, most of these whale sharks came more often between April and July. But even that is uncertain. Because other months come but the intensity is not often.

In addition, each arrival only lasts a few days, the longest has been up to 28 days. Therefore, if you plan to go to a whale shark tourist spot, you should contact a tour guide or the local community.

Entrance Fee to Whale Shark Gorontalo Scuba Diving

For your information, the whale sharks in Gorontalo are not like traveling to the sea world, these sharks live in the free ocean without any barriers at all.

The entrance fee to enjoy whale shark tours is very cheap, you only need to pay for the entrance ticket, rent a boat, diving equipment and whale shark food (shrimp).

If broken down as follows:

Entrance Ticket : IDR. 35,000
Boat Rental : IDR. 80,000
Diving Equipment: Prices Varied
Shrimp Food : IDR 10,000