10 Scuba Diving Gear and Their Functions

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10 Scuba Diving Gear and Their Functions
10 Scuba Diving Gear and Their Functions

Scuba Diving Gear – Diving is a fun activity and a hobby for some people. Apart from being a hobby, for certain people it becomes a profession such as a diving SAR team, underwater welding, and frogmen. As creatures that live on land, humans need several tools to be able to dive in the sea.

This is the equipment needed for diving, there are various brands of diving gear such as IST, Problue, Mares, Scubapro, Aqualung, and Amscud diving equipment. If you want to buy diving equipment, choose a shop that sells quality diving equipment. Do not buy diving equipment from people who sell used diving equipment because it can endanger your safety when diving.

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1. Scuba Diving Gear, Regulator

Diving Regulator gear is a device that functions to circulate air into the mouth when breathing underwater. The use of this tool is to breathe through the mouth.

2. Diving Gear, Mask Scuba

As humans who were created to live on land not in water, of course, we need tools to protect our eyes from water so we can see clearly below the surface of the water.

3. Scuba Diving Gear, Wetsuit or Dry Suit

Wetsuit or drysuit is clothing used for diving. Its use depends on the location of the dive, whether it is cold water or warm water. In warm water, the wetsuit used is covered with neoprene rubber. This material is not waterproof or water repellent so water can penetrate. Drysuit is used in cold water, the material used is waterproof so that the body is protected from cold water when diving.

4. Bouyancy Compensation Device (BCD)

The Bouyancy Compensation Device is a kind of jacket that can be filled with air. The function of the Bouyancy Compensation Device is to help divers when they are going to the surface of the water. When this BCD expands the diver’s body will be lifted to the surface of the water.

5. Weight Belt/Integrated Weights

Actually, when someone enters or swims in the sea, the density of sea water is greater than the specific gravity of the human body, so diving requires a ballast. This tool is called a weight belt, a kind of large belt made of metal.

6. Diving Gear, Fins

These fins or frog legs are needed by divers to speed up movement when swimming in the water. The bigger, longer, or wider the fins, the faster they move through the water.

7. Scuba Diving Gear, Gauges

Diving Gauges are indicators that show the amount of oxygen air in the tube. It also shows the depth, compass, air pressure, and air temperature while diving.

8. Dive Gear, Computers

Dive Computer serves to show air pressure, water depth, and air temperature. This tool is an indication of how long a diver can stay in the water.

9. Torch or Flashlight

The deeper you dive in the sea, the darker it gets because less sunlight gets into the water. Therefore, divers need a diving flashlight to illuminate when diving.

10. Scuba Diving Gear, Tank or Air Tube

This air tube is used to breathe underwater. This tube has various sizes depending on how long a diver will be diving. The contents of the tube are the mixture of air required by the lungs to breathe.

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 Diving Certificate

Not just anyone can dive. A professional diver is someone who has attended diving training and passed an exam such as a diving certificate.

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