Bunaken Scuba Diving and Snorkeling, North Sulawesi

Bunaken Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Manado City View, North Sulawesi

Recently, I was just doing a search towards North Sulawesi, Manado City to be exact, on that day my team and I stayed at one of the Manado NDC resorts. From this resort, there are facilities available for diving activities in the Bunaken area because the distance is indeed close.

When relaxing on the pier near the resort, it’s true that the boat or boat by the divers has just docked at the airport bringing the divers home from Bunaken. I also asked the dive guides regarding prices, boat rentals and departure times if you wanted to take advantage of their services.

Snorkeling and Diving Fee

Bunaken Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
example of a picture of diving (Picture by lucatelles from Pixabay)

For all diving activities, the price will be different from ordinary snorkeling. If for snorkeling only goggles and frog legs or pins, it is different from diving equipment as well as scuba diving.

Usually for snorkeling starting from IDR 300, while for diving around 1 million it can be more depending on the facilities used such as oxygen cylinders containing how many kilo grams.

Meanwhile, scuba diving with a certain depth of sea requires special skills, such as, certified professional divers, need training first.

Amazing Dive Spots in Bunaken

Bunaken Scuba Diving, North Sulawesi Indonesia
Bunaken Scuba Diving, North Sulawesi Indonesia

As shown in the map above, the Bunaken diving location is located in North Sulawesi, the city of Manado. You can look for lodging in the middle of the city and then spend a day for a trip to the diving location, namely Bunaken National Park.

Picture of the pier or ship port to Bunaken, which I took from the dock where I was staying.
Picture of the pier or ship port to Bunaken, which I took from the dock where I was staying.

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One of the recommended diving spots is Barracuda Peak, one of the spots that makes you underwater lovers where you can have the opportunity to find and see jack fish and tuna. in this spot area you can swim freely to the center area and enjoy the view.

Bunaken, How to get there ?

If you want to reach this location, your first foreign tourists will land in Jakarta. From Jakarta you will continue your flight to North Sulawesi, Manado City. After arriving in Manado from where you are staying, you can use the services of a local trip or travel in the city of Manado.

The underwater scenery offered by this place such as coral walls that look exotic and beautiful, there are a variety of fish that can fascinate you such as Butterfly fish, Moorish Idol, and many more. There will be a different view that you can get when you dive using an oxygen cylinder, of course it will be more stunning.