8 Most Satisfying Seribu Island Diving Spots, Indonesia

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8 Most Satisfying Seribu Island Diving Spots, Indonesia
8 Most Satisfying Seribu Island Diving Spots, Indonesia

Most Satisfying Seribu Island Diving Spots, Jakarta, Indonesia – There are many diving spots for Pulau Seribu with amazing quality. If you are a diving lover, you are right when visiting this island. If you look at the natural beauty under the sea, Pulau Seribu is a little different from other places. That’s because, in it there are quite a number of island clusters.

Some names like Tidung and Pari may be quite famous. But the rest, there are still many names that seem new to be heard.

If you look at tourist activities, diving is not the only thing that can be done while in the Thousand Islands. There are many other activities that are no less interesting. Here are some of the best spots that will not disappoint you:

1. Seribu Island Diving Spots Pramuka, Scout Island

It is very appropriate to choose this place when looking for a thousand island diving spots. If you look at the tourism potential, Pramuka Island is one of the best.

In it a variety of activities that can be done. Not to mention the facilities are very complete. That will make the activity even more supported.

When you are there, don’t be surprised if you see Caucasians or outsiders. It was a natural sight to be here.

There are many foreign tourists who vacation in Indonesia just to visit Scouts. Some tourists even regularly visit every year.

2. Pulau Pari, Pari Island

In the cluster of islands in the area, stingrays themselves are among the most popular. The beach alone is very beautiful.

Not to mention the existence of the stork forest. Someone will feel at home when they have to linger in that place.

When you are diving, you will see a lot of coral reefs that are clearly visible. The coral reefs are still very natural.

Not many changes have been made by the managers of the coral reefs. By diving in this place, the growth of every marine life will be seen.

But always remember to preserve the nature. Apart from being an obligation, this area is a research area for LIPI which has now become BRIN.

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3. Seribu Island Diving Spots Pulau Semak Daun, Leaf Bush Island

Please note, this place actually has no residents. The location is still empty of indigenous people.

Therefore, the place is still very beautiful and natural. Not many changes that make the natural atmosphere disturbed.

When you get to this island, the stretch of white sand and blue sea water will immediately welcome you. It definitely tempts you to dive in.

Diving on the leaf bush island is suitable for beginners. That’s because the waters on the coast are fairly shallow.

The waves on this island are also not too big. In addition, the marine life is still very well preserved and so rich.

4. Pulau Sepa, Sepa Island

Sepa Island is one of the most popular places and has been increasing recently.

Therefore, it can be said that Sepa Island is a hot spot in the Thousand Islands.

This place can also be chosen when looking for a thousand island diving spots. No need to worry about the presence of waves.

The waves in this area are relatively small. With these waves, you don’t need to be afraid of things that are not desirable.

If diving is too difficult, just rent scuba equipment. This tool will help breathing so that diving under the sea does not require high-level breathing skills.

5. Pulau Kayu Angin Genteng, Wind Tile Wood Island

It would not be complete to make a list of thousand island diving spots without adding an island of wood wind tile.

Actually, judging from its popularity, this place is better known as a camping site. That’s because the trees in this area really support camping needs.

But it’s not wrong if you visit here to do diving. The wealth of the sea in this area is very high.

There are many types of fish that can be found when diving. Not to mention the large number of coral reefs.

It will beautify the atmosphere when in the water. If you want it easier, just do a diving equipment rental.

By using a tool rental service, you don’t need to bring your own equipment from home. The rental in this place is also quite complete.

6. Pulau Gosong Perak, Silver Scorched Island

When the tide is high, the silver charred island will not be seen. That’s because, every part of the island will be covered with water.

But when it is receding, you will see a pile of white sand that forms the island. If you look at the size, the island of charred silver is quite small.

But even though it’s small, you will be satisfied if you choose this place when looking for a thousand island diving spots. With its position that is almost parallel to the sea water, the amount of marine life around it is very rich.

When compared to other names on this list, the wealth of the silver burnt island can be placed first.

7. Seribu Island Diving Spots, Pulau Panggang, Baked Island

Panggang Island is a location with a very high population density. But the residents are very friendly to tourists.

You as a tourist will definitely feel it when you are here. It is very appropriate to choose it when looking for a thousand island diving spots.

Many of the residents were also very helpful. Some even work as diving instructors.

Those of you who are beginners will be directed to be able to do this sport safely. If you are a beginner, it is better to hire the services of an instructor.

With the instructor, safety while underwater will be more awake. This minimizes the possibility of things that are not desirable.

Bringing souvenirs home can also be done. Ornamental fish caught by fishermen are also widely traded in coastal areas.

8. Pulau Petondan Timur, East Petondan Island

When talking about the most popular thousand island diving spots, some people definitely mention the name of the island of Petondan Timur.

This is reasonable considering this area was raised specifically for diving. The supporting facilities themselves are very complete.

Not to mention the number of equipment rental places which are quite a lot. You could say, this place is not for beginner divers.

The depth of the waters reaches more than 30 meters. That’s definitely not an easy depth to get into.

It takes special practice to be calm while at that depth. in this area are also many shipwrecks.

The shipwreck has been converted into a coral reef. With the colorful hues of coral reefs, useless shipwrecks look like treasures.

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