Misool Island Hidden Paradise in Raja Ampat, West Papua

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Misool West Papua Raja Ampat

Misool is one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua and is directly adjacent to Seram Island. If you intend to vacation in Raja Ampat, of course Misool Island is the right choice.

The uniqueness of Misool Island is the row of rocks in the east and the beautiful white sand with stunning views of the green mangrove forest. The sea water also looks beautiful with a turquoise blue color. So clear the sea water on Misool Island, you can easily see various natural riches at the dive point, such as various types of fish, sharks, turtles, coral reefs, and others.

Fun activities on Misool Island:

1. Explore and Around the Misool island West Papua by boat

Explore Misool island using Boat
Explore Misool island using Boat

Enjoying the beauty of Misool Island is not enough just to play on the beach.

However, you can use a rented boat to go around the island. So you can enjoy the exotic scenery and enjoy the beauty of Misool Island which has not been touched by many people.

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2. Kayaking at Misool West Papua

Kayak Misool west papua
Kayak Misool west papua

Like to play kayaking? Well, you can do this exciting activity on Misool Island! While playing kayaking, you can all enjoy the natural biota that is clearly visible from the clear sea water.

3. Snorkeling and Free Diving, Raja Ampat

Spot Snorkeling Raja Ampat West Papua
Spot Snorkeling Raja Ampat West Papua

If you want to enjoy the coral reefs up close, try snorkeling. However, snorkeling is not recommended during the rainy season because the water becomes cloudier than usual.

4. Cultural tourism based on local wisdom

Visiting villages on Misool Island can also be an interesting activity. You can see what the life of the people there is like, as well as how they maintain traditions.

That’s all we can inform you to fill your vacation on the island of Misol, West Papua. Hopefully useful, don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they also know this information.

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