Karimunjawa Scuba Dive Spot, Indonesia

Gorontalo Whale Shark, Diving With Giant Whale Shark
Scuba photo example: Image by Des Kerrigan from Pixabay.com

Information on Karimunjawa Scuba Dive Spot, one of the islands in Indonesia which contains a row of 27 islands, is indeed famous for its beautiful beaches. With a stretch of crystal blue beach combined with soft white sand, it makes anyone enchanted by its exoticism.

The underwater world of Karimunjawa is also known to be extraordinarily beautiful. No wonder that Karimunjawa is often a tourist reference in Central Java. Many people deliberately come there just to enjoy the underwater beauty. Be it by snorkeling or diving.

There are at least 30 dive sites that can be enjoyed by divers and all of them are overgrown with lush coral reefs and dominated by various types of damsel fish.

In addition, you can also have the opportunity to see the sharks that inhabit the waters of Karimunjawa. The following are recommendations for the best diving spots that can be enjoyed in Karimunjawa.

1. Karimunjawa Scuba Dive Spot Small Menjangan Island

Menjangan Kecil Island is one of the diving spots that you must stop by while on vacation to Karimunjawa. This spot is also a favorite place for rescuers, you know. To get here, you have to go through a long journey because the means of transportation are very limited.

However, when you arrive at Menjangan Kecil Island, you will be greeted with clear blue sea water. The sound of the calm waves and the cool beach breeze make the atmosphere here so pleasant.

To enjoy the beauty of marine life, you need to dive to a depth of 20 meters. The colorful coral reefs and the nemo fish dancing behind the coral reefs will make you feel at home for long diving.

2. The Island of Menawakan

Included in the Marine National Park, Pulau Menyawakan can be said to be a paradise for rescuers. Not only professional rescuers, this place is also friendly to novice rescuers.

Various ornamental fish with beautiful colors and beautiful coral reefs will accompany your diving activities here. Not to forget, the spotted whale shark will welcome you. Yes, every year, the pause shark often goes around in these waters. it’s no wonder that many rescues have met the whale shark.

3. Karimunjawa Scuba Dive Spot Cemara

In the Karimunjawa archipelago there are two island names named Cemara. These two islands are only distinguished by their size, namely the Small Cemara and the Large Cemara.

This diving spot is famous for its underwater beauty. The coral reefs themselves are no less beautiful than those on other islands in Karimunjawa.

Although the location of Cemara Island is quite far from the main island, everything will pay off when you arrive here. The atmosphere here is also still very natural so it is suitable for those of you who need peace.

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4. Cilik Island

The name is ‘little’, but don’t underestimate its beauty. Similar to the other islands around the main island, Cilik Island also offers an underwater beauty that is so charming.

To get here, it takes about 30 minutes from the main island. On Little Island, divers can find large coral reefs with attractive colors.

Well, the farther the distance from the island you visit, the more beautiful the atmosphere. You can immediately feel the authenticity and beauty of it. How, interested in diving on the Little Island?

5. Tengah Island

Location Karimun Jawa
Location Karimun Jawa (open Googlemap)
Not far from Little Island, there is an island called Pulau Tengah. This diving spot is also one of the most favorite places because it has hard corals and dangling Sea Anemones.

Not to mention the unique and adorable sea fish. Clown fish, for example, which you will encounter when diving in Pulau Tengah. For that reason, this 4-hectare island is the target of divers.

6. Torpedo Coral

Despite its remote location, this one island is a pity to pass. Torpedo reef is one of the flagship in the Karimunjawa Islands. The existence of coral reefs that cover the torpedo makes this diving spot very popular among tourists.

The torpedo is actually a remnant of the scattering of World War II explosives. You can find torpedoes covered in coral reefs along the seabed. The variety of pelagic fish and soft sponges adds to the underwater beauty of the Torpedo Reef.

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7. Karimunjawa Scuba Dive Spot Cape Gelam

The location of this one diving spot is quite close to Cemara Besar Island. Every tourist who comes here will be greeted with white sand beaches and clear sea water.

The attraction is not only that, the sunset view at Tanjung Gelam is also said to be the most beautiful in Karimunjawa. No wonder many tourists who spend their time until the evening here.

Unfortunately, uncertain natural conditions often make tourists reluctant to come here. However, don’t make this a barrier because you still have the opportunity to enjoy Tanjung Gelam at certain times. For example, during the transition season, which is in mid-March to July, when the sea waves tend to be calm.