Diving and Snorkeling Photos in Bulukumba South Sulawesi

Bulukumba South Sulawesi Diving and Snorkelling Location

Diving and Snorkeling Photos in Bulukumba South Sulawesi

One of the diving and snorkelling locations in Bulumkumba district, South Sulawesi with stunning underwater views, namely Kambing Island, about 20 minutes from the coast of Bara Bulukumba.

From Bara beach, you need to rent a speed boat to cross to a small island called Goat Island. This is the location for snorkeling with a depth that is not too deep. The view below is magnificent, more colorful but the currents are strong enough that divers often drift on the surface.

Photo Gallery Diving and Snorkelling at Bulukumba

Bulukumba Bara Beach
Bulukumba Bara Beach
White Sand Beach, Bulukumba Bara
White Sand Beach, Bulukumba Bara (img by, Spotdiving.com)

When visiting this place, we chose to stay near Tanjung Bira, so that it is close to other beach locations such as Turtle Island and Goat Island.

You don’t need to be confused about the difference between Bira and Bara, in Bulukumba there are indeed beaches called Bara Beach and Bira Beach, so they are in different places but close together.

Cross to Turtle Island and Goat Island Bulukumba

Cross to Turtle Island and Goat Island by Speed ​​Boat
About 15 minutes, Cross to Turtle Island and Goat Island by Speed ​​Boat

We rented a local resident’s boat including a life jacket and snorkel goggles at a price of IDR 300k-500k, The capacity of this boat can carry 5 people, the boat is small but fast to the snorkeling location, namely turtle island.

snorkelling location
snorkelling location

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Bulukumba, How to get there?

Map Bulukumba Sulawesi
Map Bulukumba Sulawesi

The experience of being able to visit this location and swim freely or snorkel to enjoy the underwater scenery is very pleasant and satisfying, so you can also try snorkeling in Bulukumba.

How to get to Bulukumba, South Sulawesi:

Start from Jakarta to the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi province.

After arriving in the city of Makassar, you can rent a four-wheeled vehicle to Bulukumba district for about 6 hours. We ourselves rented a car without a driver so we took off the key so it was cheaper.

For lodging, we chose a location at one of the Tanjung Bira inns.

From this location, it is close to the snorkeling point and the beach in Bulukumba, it’s just a matter of exploring.

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