8 Scuba Dive Spots Raja Ampat, West Papua

scuba-diving Raja Ampat
scuba-diving (Image by Arhnue Tan from Pixabay.com)

Want to Travel to Raja Ampat? These are Scuba Dive Spots Raja Ampat, if you want to feel the sensation of extraordinary diving, Raja Ampat has many of the best diving spots that are often the target of divers from all over the world. One of the most famous diving destinations is in Raja Ampat. Yes, this group of islands in eastern Indonesia offers an underwater heavenly panorama that is truly stunning. In fact, its charm has become more global, making it one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Well, if you are looking for the best diving spots in Raja Ampat, here are some of the most popular and recommended diving destinations..

1. Scuba Dive Spots in Raja Ampat Cross Wreck Raja Ampat, West Papua

Make sure that Cross Wreck is included in the list of underwater sports, a dive that you must visit when on vacation to Raja Ampat! In this spot, you will not only be spoiled by colorful marine life, but you will also see a wreck belonging to the Japanese Navy that sank during World War II after diving as deep as 18 meters. Yes, everyone seems to be curious about the shape of the historic ship.

No wonder Cross Wreck is one of the dive spots that you shouldn’t miss while in Raja Ampat. Diving friends can explore the ship while accompanied by various kinds of fish that live in the wreck. Call it several types of fish, such as lion fish, mantis shrimp, leaf fish, devil fish, and many more!

2. Scuba Dive Pulau Misool Raja Ampat

Misool is one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat Archipelago, West Papua and is directly adjacent to Seram Island. If you intend to vacation in Raja Ampat, here is the complete information.

If you want to enjoy the coral reefs up close, try snorkeling or scuba diving. However, snorkeling is not recommended during the rainy season because the water becomes cloudier than usual.

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Enjoying the beauty of Misool Island is not enough just to play on the beach. However, you can use a rented boat to go around the island and do diving activities. So you can enjoy the exotic scenery and enjoy the beauty of Misool Island which has not been touched by many people.

3. Scuba Dive Blue Magic Raja Ampat, West Papua

Another dive point in Raja Ampat is Blue Magic which has a charm that is second to none. This point is between Kri Island and Waisai Island. The name Blue Magic is a representation of the beauty of the captivating blue sea water combined with the beauty of coral reefs and the diversity of other marine life.

There are barracuda, tuna, red snappers, rainbow runners, and many other types of marine life that you will meet. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to meet Blacktip Reef and Gray Reef Sharks or see Mantas. The currents are quite strong in the sea make this point should only be for experienced divers.

4. Scuba Dive Batu Lima, Raja Ampat

5. Scuba Dive Tanjung Kri Raja Ampat

Kri Island in Raja Ampat is a destination other than Wayag which is being hunted by world travelers. Many tourists stop by this pristine island to dive into its enchanting underwater world.

Kri Island is an island located in Yenbuba, Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. It is located not far from Sorong or Waisai. It is about 2 hours from Sorong by speedboat and about 30 minutes from Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat Regency.

6. Scuba Dive at Selat Dampier

Dampier Strait is one of the most popular dive spots among divers, especially amateurs. Here, you can find various warships that were also sunk during World War II. The explosions of many bombs here in the past created beautiful sea caves to explore up to a depth of 30 meters.

Live coral reefs are colorful and mobile, with soft and hard corals interconnected to form habitats for a wide variety of invertebrates and other grazers.

7. Scuba Dive at Arborek

8 Scuba Dive Spots Raja Ampat, West Papua
8 Scuba Dive Spots Raja Ampat, West Papua
Arborek Island may be small, but the sea is so big. Yes, the Raja Ampat sea holds a million wealth. Raja Ampat is home to 540 types of coral. 1511 species of fish and 700 types of molluscs.
One of the best snorkeling and diving spots in Raja Ampat is Arborek. Near the Arborek pier you can find millions of fish swimming freely. My advice, if you want to swim while surrounded by fish, you must bring food such as sweet potatoes, bread or wafers.

8. Scuba Dive Spots in Raja Ampat The Passage, West Papua

This section is located between the islands of Gam and Waigeo. The distance is only about 25 meters and looks like a river from the surface. The rock mixture marks the entrance to this enchanting dive site, a stretch of coral almost growing on the surface here. Many lives can be found here including octopus, flatworms and cuttlefish, even the Wobbegong sharks can sometimes be found.

Divers can also see larger fish such as jacks, tuna, barracuda and sharks. The caves and arches also make some of the topography here look even more amazing.