Derawan Island Dive Spots, East Kalimantan Indonesia

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Derawan Island Dive Spots – One of the popular destinations for travelers who want to enjoy the underwater beauty of Indonesia is Derawan Island in East Kalimantan.

The expanse of clear blue sea and amazingly beautiful underwater panorama. Not only that, you can also play with cute turtles and swim with jellyfish and manta fish. There is also a choice of other activities that are no less tempting, namely snorkeling surrounded by stingless jellyfish on Kakaban Island.

How to Get There?

The trip to Derawan Island is actually not too difficult. However, considering Derawan Island is located in the Central and Eastern part of Indonesia, the transportation costs needed are clearly not small. Moreover, the high price of fuel oil there makes you have to dig deep into your pocket for transportation while on Derawan Island.

How to get to Derawan Island, you can enter from Berau City or Tarakan, because both are the closest cities to Derawan Island which have an airfield. However, Tarakan is a more efficient option to get to Derawan Island, because the plane ticket there is cheaper than Berau.

Location Derawan Island Dive Spot
Location Derawan Island Dive Spot (open Map)

Route to Derawan Islands, Popular Tourist Destinations in East Kalimantan

To get to the Derawan Islands, you can use it via land or by air.

1. Via Land

For those of you who are already in Kalimantan, you can use it by road, although in some places the road is still damaged.

The route: Palangkaraya -> Banjarmasin -> Balikpapan -> Samarinda -> Tanjung Redeb -> Tanjung Batu -> Derawan Islands.

From Tanjung Redep you first go to Tanjung Batu Harbor by car with a travel duration of about 2.5 hours. Then proceed by using a speedboat to go to the Derawan Islands or Maratua.

2. By Air

You can also via air with a flight to Balikpapan. Then from Balikpapan you can go through two ways, namely via Berau or via Tarakan.

Of these two ways, each has advantages and disadvantages. If you go through Tarakan, the advantages are that it is cheaper and has more flight options than via Berau.

However, the drawback is that if you choose from Tarakan, it is further from the sea route to get to the Derawan Islands and there is no regular or public speedboat, so you have to rent your own.

If you are traveling in a group, you can pass through Tarakan in a joint way when paying for a speedboat rental so that it is more economical.

Derawan Island Dive Spots, East Kalimantan Indonesia
Derawan Island Dive Spots, East Kalimantan Indonesia

9 Exotic Portraits of Derawan Islands, Diving and Snorkeling Paradise

  • The Derawan Islands have three sub-districts spread over its territory, namely Derawan Island, Maratua, and Big Big Dipper.
  • In the area there are several marine tourism destinations with stunning views, one of which is the Underwater Park
  • The Underwater Park is a favorite location for tourists, especially world-class divers, to explore the marine beauty of Derawan Island
  • There are four popular islands, namely Maratua, Derawan, Sangalaki, and Kakaban islands. Each one exudes a beautiful charm.
  • These islands are home to rare animals, namely green turtles and hawksbill turtles
  • Other protected species in this archipelago are clams, dolphins, barracuda fish, whales, dugongs, and several other species
  • This island is enhanced with coastal and small island ecosystems, namely seagrass beds, mangrove forests, and coral reefs
  • In addition to diving and snorkeling, tourists can witness the process of laying turtle eggs and enjoy the natural beauty of the beach
  • The Derawan Islands are equipped with resorts and inns scattered along the coast. So, visitors can linger to enjoy the island

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Featured Derawan Island Dive Spots

It is said that this place is a hidden paradise that must be enjoyed and visited. For those who have never been to this place, let’s look at exploring from the corner to the corner of Derawan Island, East Kalimantan.

The concept of a tourist village requires residents to be aware and willing to maintain cleanliness. With the cleanliness and preservation of nature, this place must be maintained so that Derawan Beach is still natural from time to time.

tourists will be greeted with an adorable stretch of white sand. The color of the water is so clear that some people can’t move. Especially for those who love the world of photography, this is the paradise they have always been looking for.

Spot diving and snorkeling is one spot that should not be missed. Because of this activity, native friends can get acquainted with various kinds of coral reefs. It is said that there are rare coral reefs.

One of the interesting things that can be done at night is hunting green turtles because there is a green turtle breeding here.