Alor Island Scuba, an Island with World Quality Diving Spots

Spot Diving for Beginner and Expert in Indonesia, Alor Island NTT

Alor Island Scuba, an Island with 20 World Quality Diving Spots
Alor Island Scuba, an Island with 20 World Quality Diving Spots (Ilustrasi Gambar oleh joakant dari

Alor Island Scuba – For you lovers of underwater sports such as diving or diving, looking for new and interesting spots that have never been tried, we will inform you. The following diving spots are surrounded by stunning panoramas and well-maintained healthy coral reefs. Well, if you are looking for a different experience, we recommend Alor Island, one of the underwater paradises that must be explored for the world’s diving enthusiast.

Alor Island Location Information

The position or location of Alor Island is located east of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province. With the enchanting beauty of the underwater world, Alor is so famous among domestic and foreign divers.

It should be noted that tourists are not only attracted by the beauty of the sea, but also land views because Alor is filled with natural, historical, and cultural attractions that make many researchers to explore more about Alor.

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Visiting Alor you can enjoy almost 50 dive points up to Pantar Island. The dive points are so varied and have quite a challenging level of difficulty for both amateur divers, beginners and professionals. In fact, 20 of these dive points are categorized as the best and best quality spots in the world.

As additional information Alor Island is an island surrounded by other islands with challenging diving spots, such as Baruna’s Point, Captain’s Choice, The Refrigerator, Half Moon Bay, Peter’s Prize, Crocodile Rook, The Edge, Coral Clitts, Baeylon, School’s Ut, Shark Close, Tuna Channel, Anemone Country, Sharks Reeway, Octopus Garden Never-Never wall, Cave Point, Barrel Sponge Wall, Mola-Mola Point, Night Snacks, Alor Expree, Rocky Point, Three Coconuts, The Arch, Fallt Line, The Pacth, Nite Delht, Kal’s Dream, The Ball, Trip Top, The Mlai Hall, No Man’s Land, The Chatedral, Moving Pictures, Eagle Ray Point, dan Rahim’s Point.

Alor Spot Diving Advantages Alor Island Scuba

Another attraction that makes divers happy is that the water quality in Alor is quite clean and inhabited by various marine biota. In fact, divers can dive at night and still enjoy the underwater life, especially the animals that come out at night.

As far as the eye can see, the water quality is very clear, you can see marine life and beautiful coral reefs from a viewing distance of 40 meters. This can certainly make divers excited because he will be surrounded by underwater beauty that is still well preserved. If you’re lucky, you can meet mantis, sunfish, stingrays, whales, sharks, and even napoleon fish that look so adorable.

Each dive spot has its own level of difficulty and has surprises that true divers will definitely like because each spot offers beauty that other spots don’t have and has its own uniqueness. Even some dive points have not been named by local operators because they want to surprise the divers so that they will have good memories while diving in Alor.

Lately, the beauty of Alor has become increasingly popular for diving lovers, it’s no wonder that many boats come from Komodo and Bali islands that stop by Alor to try out one of the best diving spots in the world. If you are really looking for a challenging diving spot, you are also obliged to try diving spots in Alor so that your experience increases.

Final word About Alor

Alor Island Scuba, an Island with 20 World Quality Diving Spots
Alor Island Scuba, an Island with 20 World Quality Diving Spots

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Before you do diving, scuba or snorkelling activities, it’s a good idea to first learn the techniques and rules in the world of diving. Don’t hesitate to ask professional dive officers and teachers so that your diving activities run smoothly.

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